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Sloane, Jason, & Meredith toasting their beer, wine, and martini




Meet the Dynamic Trio Behind the Junction

Meet Jason and Sloane: These long-time friends and business partners are united by their love for historic buildings, live music, fantastic bars, and, most importantly, good times with great friends.


Their dream? To revitalize Downtown Catawba and create a fantastic gathering spot for both long-time residents and newcomers alike.

But every venture needs the perfect missing piece, and that's where fate stepped in, bringing Meredith into the mix.

Enter Meredith: Our self-proclaimed social-worker-turned-beer-fairy brings an unmistakable energy and a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry.


She's not only dedicated to crafting unforgettable bar experiences but also has a deep love for live music, a passion for supporting new artists, and a knack for bringing people together.

Together, they're the dream team behind the Junction, where historic charm meets vibrant tunes, and where great drinks meet even greater friends. 

Get ready to join the fun at the Junction! Cheers, friends!

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